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Sometimes the best internet marketing tools can be used for purposes that they weren't actually originally intended for. This is like getting a super added benefit when you have a tool that already works for you in the intended way and then you discover another thing you can do with the tool.<br> <br> One internet marketing tool that I use is Brad Callen's SEO Elite. It is a great tool for www.moneytipped.com - https://www.moneytipped.com/ search engine rankings and getting link partners. But I also discovered you can use it to help you find awesome affiliate partners!<br> <br> One of the reasons SEO Elite is a great tool for this is because it gives you all sorts of information about your prospective affiliate's site. You know how many people are linking to their people link to a site it means they like it, and that means traffic.<br> <br> Because you can use this software to pull up information on sites around the world you can look for sites that are selling information or products similar to what you offer. The software then gives you all their contact information including phone numbers, email address, and shipping address. So you can actually run a report and take that information and start calling or emailing people and talk about having a good fit as affiliates.<br> <br> Another benefit to SEO Elite for this is there is a built in email system, so you can write some emails out in advance and then send them to the people that you find who might be good affiliates. You know, you introduce yourself, let them know you saw their website and that you have an affiliate program that you think would really work well for them and if they are interested to give you a call.<br> <br> A lot of people use the email that comes with the system for link generating. You are really going to want to rewrite the email so that it is more personal and unique. Not that it is going to be truly personal because it is a generic email that you are sending to lots of people, but at least your email won't sound just like the one everyone else is sending out.<br> <br> Within this email you can have links to your website or to a page to download a pdf, or whatever. So in your email you can offer them a free copy of a special report that is in their will tell them how to make money from their in that report you teach them how to become your affiliate.<br> <br> Now you can do this manually, but it will take you a lot longer. The point is not that you have to have this tool or not. My point is to think about the tools you DO use. How can you tweak that use a bit and apply it to another area of your business?<br> <br> I encourage you to be creative about the internet marketing tools that you buy and might just discover a new use for something that you already have. That new use might make you even more money or save you a lot of time-either one of those is a good thing! Sometimes all it takes is thinking outside of the box a little bit!
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